An introduction to dearfuturevegans

Thousands of people write blogs, for so many different reasons. So why another vegan food account?
Well, I’m a homey girl that loves my homey family. We have hopes and dreams and the one thing we’ll do every day, until then and beyond, is eat. So why not eat well, experiment more, learn more and share our experiences? We should be proud of all our achievements, no matter how big or small. It’s a hard thing to master, believe me! I’m trying!
I’m hoping this will also be a platform for me to vent my spleen, which is another blog entirely!

A little bit about me then; I’m Robyn, a hot headed mum of two, Kyla 10 and Poppy 8. I’m wife to my amazingly tolerant husband, Dave and house boss to my dog and cat (although I’m pretty sure they think it’s the other way around!)
There’s a few things I truly love in life, my family being the first and foremost. I am nothing without them. They are my strength and my weakness and remind me everyday why I smile!
My favourite way to make them all smile is with food. I know exactly what they each like and there’s nothing more I enjoy than spending a few hours creating food for us all to enjoy together, especially sweet stuff!
Which leads me onto my second love, baking! Cakes, biscuits, bread, pastries, pies, tarts, frostings, fondants and all kind of fancies, you name it, it’s rolled through my kitchen at one point or another. Whether they were a success or not, remains a question!
I’ve been making celebration cakes (and plenty more) for family and friends for years, I even did our wedding cake! All my experience is self taught and I’m always striving to learn more. I’ve been baking dairy free now for about a year and it’s been a helluva learning curve! All my recipes have been ‘veganised’ and even when baking for others now, I choose the dairy free version every time. It just makes a better bake, the quality is better, the shelf life is better and the picture on people’s face when they find out its vegan food is brilliant! It really is a lovely feeling when I’ve given someone something to think about as well as something tasty!
Which leads me on to my lifestyle. I’m a vegetarian, mostly plant based. Hubby is veggie and my kids eat veggie where possible but still eat some meat. My kids eating meat is not my choice and I’m doing everything I can to educate them, however I feel it’s important to let them make their own choices in their own time. My eldest is visually impaired and autistic so by nature, change does not come easy for her, nor our household sometimes but a lot of time and patience will go a very long way.

So, in a nutshell, I’m a veggie baker with a passion to create change and encourage my family (and myself sometimes) to reach for the stars!
Here’s to the beginning of dearfuturevegans!


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