Lush life! 

What can I say? What a beautiful little gem of a shop this is! This was my first Lush experience in an awfully long time, I tried a charcoal soap they had about ten years ago, which did wonders for my skin but I was young, lazy and probably far more ignorant than I’d like to admit to do anything more about it! 

Anyway, when I started my Instagram, I quickly started seeing these beautifully coloured images that seared themselves onto my brain! It wasn’t long before I gave into the gravitational force that is Lush and made the 25 mile round trip to Brierley Hill branch. This little gem of a shop is located in a shopping centre locally known as Merry Hill and its Lush store has been like a local legend since I was a kid. I’d always noticed the smell first, I loved it but my family would never go in, we’d always walk past and I’d drag behind gawking at the pretty coloured soaps and treats in the window. (Insert sad face here!)

Fast forward 10 or so years, I finally walked through that forbidden doorway and immediately felt at home!

Lush Merry Hill is (I’m pretty sure) the smallest of their shops in the uk, however this hasn’t stopped them from lining the walls and windows with the most eye catching, nose grabbing, colourful, glittering, pocket emptying little stunners I had ever seen! I genuinely felt like I was in Wonderland! So much to see!

Don’t get me wrong, my first time in Lush was amazing but I was a little overwhelmed and I didn’t take as much time as I would have liked to (social anxiety kicking in!) but I bought the Happiness gift box and an Elbow Grease bar and literally drove home like a mad woman possessed, to open this little box of tricks. Please note: I do not recommend driving like a twat.

Firstly, what beautiful packaging? Good quality paper, bright colours, pretty patterns with a neon orange silky ribbon wrapped around in the old fashioned, satisfying way. And the smell? Oh my goodness!! All kinds of orange and citrusy smells wafting around my house, making me feel every bit of Happiness it promised me. I hadn’t even taken a bath yet! 

The Happiness gift box presented me with four products, the Yoga Bomb, Bohemian soap, Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream and a Brightside bubble bar which was a totally new concept to me! 

After waiting a few hours to do our evening routine and put the kids to bed, I finally drew a bath. I was excited! I felt like a kid at Christmas, I knew something lovely was going to happen, I just didn’t know what! I used my Yoga Bomb (review to follow) and suspicious looking Yuzu and Cocoa shower gel and loved every minute of the longest bath I ever had! Anyway, the rest is history. I’ve had a Lush bath almost every night since and will never look back. I finally enjoy making a little time for myself thanks to Lush.


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