Lord of Misrule review

Lord of Misrule has been somewhat of a legend to me, I didn’t cotton on to the Lush pandemic until spring this year. I missed all the holiday and limited edition lines! So when I found out about Lord of Misrule, I made it my mission to get one.

I can’t tell you how chuffed I am with the new Halloween 2016 line! I don’t think there’s been a product I haven’t liked.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with the smell of Patchouli, I love it. It sounds daft but it really does warm and uplift my soul. After doing a bit of research I’ve discovered that it has many healing properties I had no clue about. Apart from it being an antiseptic, antibacterial and an antidepressant, it can help soothe inflammation and can promote cell growth on wounded skin. Magical right?! If you think that’s special, I also learned that Vanilla neutralises free radicals (bad cells) and helps keep your body’s balance and immunity in check AND can help prevent (some) certain cancers. Now that really is magical!! Along with the black pepper oil, which is amazing for improving circulation and for relieving muscle pain and cramps, this is generally an all round uplifting and very sexy bath bomb!

I will say, I think it’s a very grown up smell, my kids hate it! It’s rich and sultry with a spicy sweetness that’s impossible to rebuke!

Looks wise, it’s pale green in colour with tiny little pink specks, looks a little like an egg! Being as decadent as it is, it’s definitely worthy of the crown that adorns it too.

It’s a slow fizzer, mine lasted a good ten minutes and slowly turns the water from an earthy green to a red wine kind of colour, it’s beautiful to watch the colours mix! What surprised me the most about

Lord of Misrule adds a conditioning value of the water. The bath water was clearly thicker and silky soft on the skin, it reminded me of putting on a pair of brand new, very expensive luxury underwear.

Overall, it’s a stunning bath bomb.   Both in the bath and for the body and mind. I’ll definitely be investing in several to see me through until next year. That being the basis for my 9/10 mark, Lord of Misrule should be available all year round!


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