A little catch up and Veganuary 2017

It’s been a quite busy the last couple of months! December is always mental in our house. Two birthdays, anniversaries as well as all the usual festivities, it’s been exciting to say the least! Christmas Day was lovely, we spent it together as a whole family! My old fashioned Momma in law even went totally beyond herself (and my expectations!) to accommodate my veggie needs! My own spuds and everything! Bless her! I love that woman!

I was spoiled with Lush! Obviously! And I had a rediculously bad time trying to get involved with the Boxing Day sale but hey ho! There’s way more important things in life than balls of bicarb!
Hubby got a new job and started in the new year. He loves it and I’m so proud it’s silly! He’s lucky to be alive! Never mind training to be a supervisor in the UK’s largest Screwfix store! He’s more than happy and I’m ecstatic for him!


And I finally took the plunge into Veganism. I told myself I’d learn as much as I can before I take the leap, I hated the thought of not understanding enough about nutrition, feeling ill and going back to animal products. I didn’t want to fail.
It had gotten to the point recently where buying non dairy basics, butter/soy milk was normal. All meals were dairy free and all my baking is dairy free, it just seemed pointless to keep making excuses. I know the facts. I’m not ignorant. (guilty of being a little selfish maybe) I can cook, and I can cook well, I’m confident in that. I had no excuse. So January 1st 2017 I became totally plant based. No meat, dairy, eggs, animal products. None of it.

It’s the best thing I ever did!

I love the compassion, the enlightenment, the knowledge, the veggies and especially playing with food! I’ve tried things I’ve always said I don’t like and find I’m shocked when I find out I love them! We’re eating meals we never even realised we liked and with having the ability to open our minds a little, we’ve been able to explore so much without having to harm a single animal. I am so unbelievably proud of us!
I’m massively proud of hubby, I never expected him to give up meat so when he decided to join me in Veganuary I was astounded. I think he’s found it easier than me!


I’m not going to lie, we’ve favoured convenience foods this month. Not just because it’s easy but mostly because I figured if we try everything now and decide what we like or don’t like we can make steps to make our own whole foods version.
This week, it’s going to be pies. I’ve never used whole flour pastry and after trying the Clive’s pies… That’s the way to go! As for fillings, if it hasn’t got some kind of savoury gravy, I’m not interested!

Am going on a bit of tangent here, that’s what I get for not writing a blog for four months!
Long and short: great Christmas and New Year, went vegan, hubby joined in, kids have given up meat and even my friends are making better choices!

So, this year you can expect lots of recipes, discussions, pictures and of course, lots of Lush!
I’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline for 2017 and I can’t wait to share it all!



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