The Experimenter 

Can we just take a moment to admire the obnoxiousness of this bath bomb?

I’ve officially been a Lush addict for an entire year now and to celebrate I decided it was high time I give the one main line item I’d not tried a go and I was not disappointed! 

This bath bomb is outrageous! In fragrance and design. I love the shape, it’s a nice change to the spherical norm.

Smelling the bomb itself, it’s a spicy little number that certainly knows how to sting your nostrils if you dare get too close! It’s probably what put me off for so long. 

Everything gets excited once it’s placed in the water, the blue and pink part is fast fizzing and propels it round the tub in a glorious dance while the white and orange parts are foamers and spit out a shit ton of glitter! A unicorn mayaswell have farted in my bathroom! After the first minute or two of chaos, an element of calm sets in once the colours settle on the water. Shades of pink and orange create sunsets while the stark contrast of the green water deepens. Beautiful to watch and I definitely got some of my best photographs yet!

Once in water I can definitely smell all three fragrance oils. Vetivert being the top note with an overtly smokey, earthy smell. Great for depression and anxiety, circulation, muscle aches and joint pains with its anti inflammatory, antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties. Winner!

The rich, thick, slightly sweet smell of vanilla is also fairly dominant, which again lends itself to the earthy element of this bath bomb. Vanilla itself has some amazing health benefits too, which include being an antidepressant, great for PMT and low mood. It’s also an aphrodisiac and antiseptic and has been shown to fight infection and even cancer cells! How about that! 

Finally it’s all balanced together by the lightness of the Tonka. It’s slight sweetness links all three fragrance notes beautifully. Tonka also has antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties, however it should be noted that Tonka and Tonka beans can be fatal if ingested in large quantities. 

I loved this bath bomb, I felt grounded and relaxed and most definitely refreshed. If you like rich, masculine scents then this is the bad boy for you. 

Four And a half out of five 💚


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