A new beginning

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for me and I can’t decide whether I’m excited, terrified or indifferent.

We’re officially trying for a baby!

For most couples this is the beginning of a whole new journey of up and downs, left and rights, upside down, inside out, lots of negatives and maybe the occasional positive but for us this is our last call to parentsville. (Again) We have one year to achieve and maintain a pregnancy. After that, I’ll be booked in for an endometrial ablation, a procedure that essentially microwaves the lining of my uterus to stop my ‘heavy periods’ 

This section of my blog is something I never expected or planned on writing about never mind sharing with an unknown audience! It’s mostly for my benefit, I want to look back and see/feel/remember exactly how I felt at that particular time. I want to try and write a daily post, even if it’s just a paragraph. I want to express my emotions mindfully. I want to share my experiences with other people who may be feeling similar. I want my husband to read and feel even more proud. I want my kids to have more of an insight into their Momma! I want to create something positive to come out of something that has a chance of failing.

But I’m not thinking about failing today. Today I started the first period on time, as expected with no issues for the first time this year! Don’t get me wrong, the pain has been pretty shite but it means that I actually have a ‘day 1’ which means I can start taking the fertility meds to help us try to conceive!

So, here’s to the beginning. The beginning of the month, the beginning of our first cycle, the beginning of lots of TMI moments and the beginning of lots of positives, even if not the one I’m looking for!



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